Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Guess Where I'm Going!

Hi everyone! Today, the Maryellens are going somewhere with us and you have to guess where that somewhere is! Are you ready? Here's a hint.

This hint is from a 50's song on Maryellen's TV Console App.

"Sit down at the counter,
And you turn yourself around.
Wave to your friends, right and left,
And you drink that cola down. Do the ________ !
Do the _______ !"

Did that help you? I bet it did! :D
So, where is Maryellen going? Tell us in the comments! 

-American Girl Doll Crafter



  1. Which Maryellen is yours? Are they going to a retro dinner?-AgMusician

    1. On the left is DollBaker24's Maryellen, then comes mine and DollPandaLover's.
      Maybe, Maybe not! ;)

  2. Are you going to the American Girl sock hop? :) All the Maryellens look so cute!
    - American Girl Doll Artist


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