Meet the Dolls

I have collected 9 American Girl dolls, and I love them all very much! Each doll is special. The dolls are in order from my very first doll to my newest doll.

1. Kaya

Personality: Kaya loves nature and animals. If she's not outside exploring, you'll find her playing with her dog, Pepper. Kaya is shy.
Favorite food: Salmon and berries
Favorite color: brown and red
Why is Kaya special? Kaya was my very first American Girl doll! I received her for Christmas in 2010 along with a teepee.

2. Kit Kittredge

Personality: Kit loves to write. She's always up for any kind of adventure! Kit also works in the garden; she thinks it's fun! :)
Favorite food: fresh veggies and soup
Favorite color: green
Why is Kit special? I got Kit for my 7th birthday. I also got her bed.

3. Ruthie Smithens

Personality: Ruthie is Kit's best friend. She is very kind and helpful. If she's not with Kit, you can find her reading fairytales.
Favorite food: turkey and green beans
Favorite color: purple
Why is Ruthie special? Ruthie came with Kit on my 7th birthday. I opened Kit first, then Ruthie.

4. Millie (My AG 22)

Personality: Millie loves to ride around in the doll Jeep. She likes to be the center of attention and is always looking to do something fun. She also enjoys spending time with her sisters.
Favorite food: Ice cream
Favorite color: Pink, Purple, and Dark Blue
Why is Millie special? She gave me access to inner star u. She also came with a cool necklace.

5.  McKenna

Personality: Mckenna is very athletic. She enjoys practicing her gymnastics. She has a lot of determination!
Favorite food: raspberry milkshake and chocolate pie
Favorite color: purple
Why is Mckenna special? My sisters and I all received Mckenna for Christmas in 2012. My mom actually bought them in April and hid them in the closet until Christmas! :)

6. Isabelle

Personality: Isabelle loves fashion! She likes to help her sisters find their style. Isabelle also loves ballet. She dreams of being a pro ballerina. She is a girly-girl and loves anything that has sparkle, glitter, or bows.
Favorite food: cupcakes and anything strawberry flavored
Favorite color: coral
Why is Isabelle special? In January of 2014, my sisters and I celebrated our birthday at the American Girl cafe. We used our birthday money to buy Isabelle.

7. Lanie

Personality: Lanie is very adventurous. She's always doing something new! She loves to do crafts and anything artsy.
Favorite food: strawberry cake, pink lemonade, and pasta
Favorite color: pink
Why is Lanie special? Last summer, in 2014, I saved up my money to buy a Lanie doll. Since she was the girl of the year, I knew that I would have to buy Lanie off of Amazon or Ebay. I finally found a
Lanie that was in good condition. She is my favorite doll, and she is very important to me! I love her a lot! :)

8. Grace

Personality: Grace is very responsible. She loves to prepare meals for her sisters. Grace is an incredible baker, and she always cleans up the kitchen if she makes a mess.
Favorite food: macarons and pineapple upside down cake
Favorite color: light blue
Why is Grace special? My sisters received Grace on their birthday, too. One of my sisters loves to bake, so she loves Grace! Whenever I look at my Grace doll, I think of her! :) Grace was also my first doll with earrings. Lanie got her ears pierced shortly after I got Grace.

9. Maryellen

Personality: Maryellen is very adventurous. She likes to stand out from the crowd and do things in her own special way. Maryellen enjoys being outside and playing with her sisters. She like to wear fancy dresses and jewelry on special occasions.
Favorite Food: Milkshakes, Hamburgers, and Fries
Favorite Color: Pink, Purple, and Green
Why is Maryellen special? My Mom bought Maryellen and surprised my sisters and I. We were so excited! She's very special and is one of my favorite dolls. I'm very grateful that my amazing Mom bought her for me.


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